Team Meadowind Farm

“Team Meadowind Farm” is the group of people who make us who “WE” are.  We are the team who goes out and represents our farm, our philosophy of caring for and training our animals, our positive team spirit, and attitude in all events and shows we take part in promoting the breeds represented on our farm and the organizations who we feel enhance the equine, canine and goat industries.  Our Mission is to share with others what a positive and beneficial experience horse, goat and pet partnership can be, whether through competition, community events, trade shows or expos.

 Get to know our Team:
Julie Good:  Meadowind Farm is the “dream” of Julie.  In 1994, her husband Clate, recognized a passion in Julie and encouraged her to pursue it.  Sorry as he may be, the passion flourished and has blossomed into what Meadowind Farm is today.  Julie is owner and manager of the farm and all operations.  Certified as a CHA Master Instructor in Group Horseback Riding Lessons, she sought that certification because of a strong passion to volunteer with a local 4H Horse Club, and share with these young people the incredible benefits of working with horses.  Her desire to make sure what she was sharing with folks was accurate, lead her to complete a CHA Horsemanship Clinic.  The main focus is education and safety.  Julie was able to use the knowledge she has gained over the years by reading, taking lessons under the direction of very wise horsemen and women, watching skilled clinicians and working with her own horses, to volunteer her time with 4H, at a nearby Christian Camp that offers a strong horsemanship program, a Therapeutic Riding Program and with kids that just need advice now and then.  What is shared is a passion, not a job, it is an expression of her joy of watching others experience some of what she has been so blessed to experience.  In the past several years, Julie has begun sharing her passion at Expos and Demonstrations on the east coast.  She has been privileged to share her experiences with miniature horses, their care and versatility with folks at major events such as the Equine Affaire in W. Springfield Mass., Horse World Expo in Harrisburg, PA, Pet World Expos in Maryland and Mass. With topics such as; “So….You Want a Miniature Horse, NOW WHAT?”, “Preparing the Miniature Horse for the Show Ring”, and “What CAN you do with a Miniature Horse” demonstrating the versatility and talents by showing a variety of events that are available to miniature horse owners.  Meadowind Farm has an open door to groups wanting to learn about horses by hosting 4H Field Trips from Lancaster and surrounding counties, school field trips, daycares and groups of special needs adults and children.  Sharing the joy is a top priority!!!

The miniature horse breeding herd has been registered “Azariah Miniatures” mainly because there is already a Meadowind Miniatures in Canada, creating the need to find another prefix for our miniature horses.  “Azariah” means – whom the Lord helps –  It felt very appropriate and fitting as we would be nowhere without the Lord’s help in this endevour or in life itself.

Julie’s “TEAM” partners are Arend, a 15 year old friesian gelding who she schools and shows in the dressage ring, Valor, a AMHA/AMHR/PtHA miniature pinto gelding in driving and whatever else this talented young gelding can accomplish even dabbling in some VSE ADS Driving!  She works on the farm managing the herd and training the show horses. Driving has become a fun addition to her riding.

Julie lives on the farm with her husband and fur kids!


Deanne Toburen:  Deanne has been Julie’s “right hand”, sometimes right and left hands, on the farm for many years.  She is our assistant barn manager and manager of all operations when Julie is away showing or visiting family. (seems to be quite often these days!)  Deanne and Julie have worked together for about 11 years and seem to know what the other is thinking and are comfortable as a team when it comes to running Meadowind Farm.  All of this for the love of horses, Deanne is a charm volunteering MANY LONG hours on the farm.

Deanne’s long time “TEAM” partner is “Party Champ” aka “Shea” a lovely 16 hand thoroughbred mare.  Deanne and Julie searched for Deanne’s partner far and wide when finally stumbling upon Shea not too far away.

Shea was a young “off the track” thoroughbred with elegant movement when Deanne spotted her, and they have worked well together, learning and growing through the years.  Deanne and Shea have come a long way and they are showing in the upper Training Level Dressage tests, ready to move on to Level 1.

Deanne is happy to be a “horseshow mom” to Alexis and now devotes most of her show days to being groom and mom, rather than competitor.

Deanne, Lexi and their family live next door to Meadowind Farm (how convenient for all of us).  They have Annie the Yorkie and Katie #2 the grumpy cat ;O)

Terry Miller:  Terry is Azariah Miniature’s promotional manager, stall decoration designer, horse show organizer, pilot or copilot driving the many miles to Miniature Horse Shows, chef for our camp site at the shows, and absolutely PRICELESS assistant who does ANYTHING at the horse shows and expos!!!!  And, when she can, she shows the miniature horses.  We hope to add more of that to her “job description” in the near future.

In the spring, as many foals arrive, she loves getting in and working with the new little ones.  All of this in exchange for: the love of little horses, the fun of traveling to shows, and interacting with all of the “mini folk”.

Terry’s “TEAM” partners are “Miss Zippo Jon”, aka “Hannah”, a beautiful 15.2 hand liver chestnut quarter horse mare, “Shadow”, her BIG, BLACK, LOVEABLE Tennessee Walker, and “Sarge” her chestnut, quarterhorse gelding.

Terry, her husband Jim, and daughter, Jackie, live down the road from Meadowind Farm on their own little “ranch” with their horses, cat and Jenny the Irish Setter.

Sue Bechtel:  Sue is a “Show Mom”, mother of Sarah Bechtel.  She tried her hand at driving a mini….maybe, just maybe, we can get her hooked.  She is active with 4H as a leader and a huge part of Sarah’s support team.  You give her a job, and it will get done!

Sarah Bechtel: Sarah’s “TEAM” partner is “My Eternal Elegance” aka “Ellie” or “Ellie Bellie”, a 16.2 hand chestnut breeding stock paint mare.  Sarah is looking forward to showing her in some local shows as they strengthen their partnership.  Sarah is a lovely, balanced rider and has a great positive attitude and team spirit to add to Meadowind Farm.  Sarah is a college student, and finds time to come out and work with Ellie between her job and school.

Jackie Raudabaugh:  Jackie is the daughter of Terry Miller.  She is Team Meadowind’s primp and prep gal.  Besides being a talented rider and showmanship exhibitor, she does great when showing the minis.  She is our make up artist and hair stylist at the miniature horse shows, and helps us to get the horses looking “just right” for their performance in the ring.

Jackie’s “TEAM” partners have been Pumpkin – an amazing 34 year old paint pony who retired from her show career several years ago as PA State 4H champion Western Pleasure Ponies.  Jackie then took on Millie a beautiful buckskin mare and did quite well with her in the show ring at both local open shows and in 4H.  Jackie now has a lovely liver chestnut mare “Miss Zippo Jon” aka ”Hannah” to love and show.  Look for them in 4H shows, local open shows and Quarter Horse Shows as they learn to work together.  Time will tell if she has time to re-enter the miniature ring.

Austin Good: aka “Little Austin”, “Mini Man” or “Shekinah’s Boy”.  He is the son of Clate and Julie.  Austin began his horse career riding a breeding stock Paint mare, “Mocha”.  As he was introduced to the “mini world”, he decided to make miniature horses his aim.  He likes working the miniatures preparing them to show, is perfecting his clipping skills and learning how to start a horse from the ground up.  He anticipates welcoming his first foals to his own little herd.  Austin would like to continue his horse venture in the future.  It will be interesting to watch where it takes him.

Austin’s “TEAM” partners include “Valor” our versatile gelding.  They have done well in halter and are working at performance events; liberty, driving, obstacle driving, halter obstacle and hunter.  In 2007 Austin and Valor were awarded a RESERVE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP in Youth Liberty…they are our SUPERMEN!!!

“Shekinah”, Austin’s homozygous bay tobiano mare was shown in color classes to the world level, attaining an Eastern Regional Top Ten (3rd) in color and Eastern Regional Amateur Junior Mare Top Ten.  She is now retired from showing to begin her breeding career.

“Aztec” is a palomino and white pinto senior gelding.  Aztec has done well at the world level with Austin and Julie and will be driving and doing other performance events.  We are grateful to John and Cindy Cherry of Cherryville Farms for entrusting Aztec to Austin through the IAMHA Gelding Mentoring Program in 2007. Austin is learning the ins and outs of everything to do with caring for, preparing and showing a miniature, under their guidance and their trainer, Jose.

And finally, Austin decided in 2008 (AFTER we sold Mocha!!!) that he wanted to have a horse to ride.  We found “Zipppos Sunny Zapper” right next door, a bay tobiano paint gelding.  And in 2010 Austin is adding Twisted Dimension to his family. “Twister” or “Twit” is a Sorrel Quarter Horse Gelding. A barrel racer in the past… Austin will be trying his hand at helping Twister to transform into an all around horse, showing in pleasure and gaming classes. Look for them in the Local Open Shows, 4-H and Local Quarter Horse Shows.

Alexis Toburen:  Lexi is our “homegrown” rider/trainer.  She is the daughter of Deanne and they just happen to live next door to Meadowind.  Lexi has been riding since the age of 2 or 3 and was a persistant child, we heard the phrase “ME do it” many times.  If the manure didn’t want to cooperate and stay on the pitchfork….well, fingers worked great for Lexi.

Her first “TEAM” partner was Snickerdoodle who taught her just about everything she knows.  A typical Shetland pony…..well, Lexi hit the dirt a few times, and other times just couldn’t make that stubborn pony do anything.  But it has made her into a good little rider. We sadly laid Snickerdoodle to rest in January 2008 after a colic episode.  She will forever be remembered as the sweet pony (a little persnickety!) who taught Lexi and others to ride.  Her last months were spent at a local trainer’s giving beginner lessons.

Lexi showed Mocha in hunters when she was 10 years old, and then when she was 11 moved on to a green rescue pony we adopted.  She learned a lot as that pony thought she wanted to teach Lexi to ride a GOOD buck for a little while.  Maddie  soon learned that Lexi was persistant and got tired of the extra effort and has turned into a lovely little hunter/jumper. Lexi outgrew Maddie who has moved on to a new career working with cows!.

Lexi and her current “TEAM” partner “Distinct Diamond” aka “Devil”, a 16/3 hand chestnut thoroughbred gelding have been working hard and are now ready to begin their show career together.  Devil, a successful, retired racehorse, is now ready to begin his hunter career.  He has a huge, kind heart, keeps us entertained with his playful, goofy personality, and just loves to work.  Devil is spoiled ROTTEN by Lexi. She thinks he is a precious LITTLE baby boy!  We are all thankful to John Strunk, one of our faithful farriers, who decided to give Devil the chance to have a new career and allowed Lexi the opportunity to own this talented boy!