Meadowind Farm Facilities

Meadowind Farm sits on 22.5 acres of rolling hills in Lancaster County PA.  We have about 12 acres of lush pasture and large, sheltered dry lots surrounded by safe fencing.  Our belief is that the horse is an animal created to be outside, so we try to allow as much turn out as they enjoy.  Horses are turned out during the day in the winter, and at night during the summer to allow for ample freedom during the most comfortable time of day.  The sheltered dry lots allow freedom and exercise for those horses that cannot tolerate unlimited grass time.

In addition, we have an eight acre hay pasture.  Most of our hay is our own and our alfalfa comes from a neighboring farm.

The 1860s bank barn has 9 large horse stalls, we will be redesigning our stall layout within the next several years in this barn, mixing large horse and miniature horse stalls.

With thick stone walls, our barn stays relatively cool in the summer and warm in the winter.  Our mini barn currently consists of 5 mini stalls.

Our outdoor 100×200 black quartz sand ring is lighted for nighttime riding.

The 60 foot sand roundpen is a great tool for training young horses and working on horsemanship skills.  It is also the “mini exercise pen”.

Meadowind Farm is an active place.  We try to allow our horses exposure to a variety of  situations that could  be frightening to the average horse.  With a motorcross  track at the back of the property, Amish neighbors that use 6 horses to pull their farm equipment and drive buggies down the road, a heavy metal band that practices in the “band room” above the horse stalls,  and a swimming pool  beside  a pasture,  our horses are exposed to many situations that could stimulate their flight response.  We do not protect them from the commotion, rather, allow them to be continually exposed to all of this in an attempt to desensitize them.  Our horses typically are equipped to handle most “scarey” situations when taken to a show, or out for a trail ride.